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>Kevin Kennedy wrote:
> > Marilyn, I hope things aren't quite as drastic as this sounds. It 
>startled me. Best wishes, good thoughts etc.
> > Kevin
> >
>Actually it sort of is as drastic as it sounds. My parathyroids went
>toes up some unknown time in the past. As a vague result, i seem to have
><1 mg/dl of vitamin D in my system instead of the 45 or so, and my
>calcium is up to 14.9 mg/dl instead of the 4-5 it is supposed to be. I
>am constantly fatigued, the boneloss in my jaw is serious enough that
>half my teeth roots are more or less exposed and I am at serious risk of
>osteoporosis, and am on aptiva like a little old lady. When  I misstep I
>tend to refracture the bones in my feet that have been previously
>broken. Luckily enough I tank enough water that my kidneys are fine,
>though I pee sort of cloudy from the calcium my body is forcing out
>thanks to a pretty draconian use of furosemide [which when combined with
>my byettakeeps me mildly nauseous like when I was on chemo. Actually, I
>rather feel like I am on chemo fatigue and ukk-wise. My case is both odd
>enough and severe enough that my surgeon is Yale-New Haven's chief of
>surgical endocrinology.
>On the plus side, since this whole mess started in march, I have lost
>about 30 lbs=)
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Oh, wow. We'll be praying for you.



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