[LMB] ACC audio glitch query -- help?

Becca Price becca_price at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 01:26:20 BST 2007

--- Ed Burkhead <edburkhead at insightbb.com> wrote:

>> I noticed some glitches in my downloaded-from-Audible.com
>> copy, though they
>> were minor.
> If you'd tell me the spots in the text, I could pretty quickly
> find those
> spots and see if my digital-download copy is the same.
> It seemed like this book was hastily edited by Blackstone
> Audio.  They
> several times had spots where he misspoke and backed up a few
> words but the
> editor never fixed those glitches.  It just seemed like they
> were in an
> unusual hurry to get it out.

it could be those spots that I'm remembering. As I said, the
glitches were so minor that I was able to mostly ignore them. It
seemed like there were spots where a word was repeated a few
times, then the reading went on. I must admit that I was so
caught up in the glory of hearing the story read that I didn't
pay too much attention to the bobbles except to note that there
were a few in there.


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