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[The  stout fellow rushes in, carrying a stack of papers, some of which 
scatter  behind him. Winged humanoids flit about, catching the errant  

:huff huff:

Many apologies :huff huff: for the  lateness of this celebratory post; it's 
midterm time....

Today, one  of the Tixie Corps' own reaches a milestone: Mary Downs, 
AKA CatMtn, turns  seventy. Mary has been a prolific poster, providing 
the list with help,  information, and suggestions on a wide variety of 
subjects for many months  now, and her service in the Corps is merely 
icing on the cake. Mary, may  your day be (have been) appropriately 
joyful (one hopes that cake, with or  without icing, featured prominently), 
and may the year to come be such as  you would wish for, whatever that 
may be.

Gentlefolk: Mary  Downs!

Thank you so much for the kind wishes!!  There was cake, a lovely  dinner, 
huckleberry cordial chocolates, beautiful fabrics (I'm a quilter), and  books 
(well, one book signed by its author and gift cards to Barnes &  Noble).  As 
birthdays go, it was a very good one.  And don't  apologize, as a former teacher 
I know all about midterm time.  That's when  you curse yourself for not making 
the entire exam true/false instead of  including all those essay questions . 
. .  whether it was appropriate for  the subject matter or not. <g>
Thanks again,

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