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> From: H R Stockert <the.avatar at att.net>
> Date: 26 October 2007 21:43
> At 01:11 PM 10/26/2007, LE wrote:
> >The imported food available on Kline station in EoA ?
> >
> >Combining physics and economics, we know the the Bujold Nexus has
> >of energy for its spaceship's 'norm-space thrusters' which allow
> >accelerations of 1 g for ordinary ships and rather more for couriers
> >in iVG). How this is done we don't know since fusion probably can't do
> >and no other source is mentioned in Komarr.
> Possibly a way to tap "zero point energy"...?

{in 05 March 2004 LE posted on this list} It is clear from Professor
Vorthys' remarks in _Komarr_ that fixed installations such as city domes
and stations use fusion plants.

We don't know where the power that the "powersat receptor" that  Silvy Vale
didn't get comes from - possibilities include a planetary or space based
fusion plant  or a solar powersat.

So whatever the jumpships and local space ships and shuttles use, whether
zero point energy, Casimir or Alcubierre or antimatter, it must be smaller
than a fusion plant and must have properties that include one or more of :-

(a) More expensive than fusion (capital or running costs). Otherwise why
not use it in fixed installations ? I don't think we know where Kline
station gets its power from.

(b) only usable in space (not just zero gravity since they have anti-grav)
so not on a planetary surface in which case we need an additional source
for use by shuttles.

Little Egret

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