[LMB] request for factual help - the timeline

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Sat Sep 1 04:34:31 BST 2007

Blaise says:

> As for Aral, he says, 'I was a captain by twenty-eight.'  He certainly means ship command, since
> he adds that ship duty suited him, but he could also mean the rank as well. I'd guess he gets
> the rank as well as the command, since he becomes an admiral so young, but it's not clear either
> way. 

Thank you for saying this; this does fit nicely with the fictional set-up I've envisioned, in
which Aral is a Captain by rank at 15 but does not have command of a ship.  

I am using it as a point in my favour that the situation was messy - that times were unstable and
Aral's advancement through the ranks was not a smooth progression from point A to point B to point


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