[LMB] OT: reading aloud to kids (was: ISO Calibrated Book Recommendations)

Laura Gallagher celticdragonfly at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 17:27:52 BST 2007

I wrote:
> > Part of the problem was the kids just don't want to sit through
> > chapter books.  But I also found it agonizing to read them out loud,
> > it dragged and I felt embarrassed that I wanted to push these books on
> > him.  But reading them to myself I like.

Mark Mandel wrote:
> That's too bad. I've had the opposite experience -- kids who didn't like
> to read who still liked being read to, as long as you picked books that
> are fast-moving and suitable to their ages. Funny can help, too.

No, I'm being misunderstood.

The kids like to be read to, although they usually don't have patience
with chapter books yet, especially the little boy.

I don't mind reading out loud.  I've read books out loud to Karl
before, and we've enjoyed it.  I read all of A Civil Contract to him.

It was just the weird experience of taking a book I'd enjoyed reading
to myself, and trying reading it out loud to Karl to get him
interested - and finding that this book, read out loud, felt
embarrassing and dragging and not nearly as good as I remembered
feeling about it when I read it to myself.

Laura Gallagher

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