[LMB] I'm a granny again

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Sat Sep 1 20:02:48 BST 2007

Good question! His mom isn't into science fiction but his dad is, and since 
he has an older brother (and a half) I'll bet there are already some books 
lying around for Ethan (age 8, the half-brother) and Bryn (age 3, a trifle 
young for anything but 'A is for Apple') and that Caden will get the benefit 
of them.



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>Pat Mathews gloats gleefully [or, if she doesn't, she should] about
>the birth of a new grandson.
>Congratulations, Pat!
>At what age and what book do you plan to start him on Lois'
>books?  The way Lois is trying various genres, she'll probably have
>written some children's books by the time he's old enough to read them.
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