[LMB] request for factual help - the timeline

Michael R N Dolbear m.dolbear at lineone.net
Sun Sep 2 17:05:27 BST 2007

> From: Dan Tilque <dtilque at comcast.net>
> Date: 02 September 2007 02:02
> Michael R N Dolbear wrote:
> >> http://www.dendarii.co.uk/FanFic/vortimes.html

> > Vortimes || 2968 Miles born
> Where is that from? Definitely not the timeline. The entry for
> 2773 says, among other things, birth of Miles.

Previous version of the timeline in fact, so that's an oops on my part. I
had my notes based on a copy of the timetime from June 2002 and copied them
in the post, assuming that an update would be noted at the top or bottom of
the above web page, but in fact an unmarked update was made in November
2002 to take account of the BoI '97 reference.
(date from result of the command  "javascript:alert(document.lastModified)"

> [1] Assuming that the seasons on Earth and Barrayar are aligned.

Even if this is the case it is unlikely to remain true for very long.

Little Egret

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