[LMB] miles moment

Tzivia Adler tadler at yeshivanet.com
Thu Sep 6 16:15:35 BST 2007

remember the scene where cordelia watches miles jump into the pool a few 
dozen times in five minutes?

my son, who ought to be slowing down do to asthma attacks [1]   just spent 
twenty minutes doing cartwheels over his brother.  big brother [2] was 
laying on the floor with a crossword puzzle [3] and calmly ignored what was 
going on on top of him.   asthma boy just went back and forth as if that was 
the only possible place for bouncing around, and all that open space in the 
room?  didn't exist.  sigh.  at least he didn't crash his big brother's 
head.  that fight would have needed all the open space in the room, nad 
possibly wall crashes, too.

ziviya, remembering that once i had that sort of energy, too.

[1] i just love allergy season, don't you?
[2] ages 11 & 9
the floor seems to be the best place for crossword puzzles and math homework

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