[LMB] OT:AKICOTL - self-starting modem

Katrina Knight kknight at fastmail.fm
Mon Sep 10 16:19:18 BST 2007

At 09:58 AM 9/10/2007 PAT MATHEWS wrote:
>I have MSN-DSL.

>I'll disconnect and do something else and suddenly see that I 
>am now connected. I'll leave for class and come back to find 
>the connection I disconnected myself has now been 'disconnected 
>for inactivity'. I'll disconnect so I can use the landline and 
>have the interference start up in the middle of the phone call.

DSL is designed to allow simultaneous use of the internet 
connection and the phone line. There shouldn't be any 
interference on the phone line when connecting. Is the problem 
here that your computer is making a dial-up connection with the 
standard modem as opposed to using the DSL modem or do you not 
have proper dsl filters on your phones? (The filters are 
normally provided to you by your DSL service provider, along 
with instructions to put them everywhere except the line going 
into the computer.) Or did you mean to say that you have MSN 
dial-up rather than DSL?

Assuming you really are talking about DSL here, DSL connections 
can be set up in a couple of different ways. One method makes it 
show up in Windows like a dial-up networking connection. If 
yours is set up that way, the setting that Mark mentioned will 
apply even if you have DSL. That method isn't particularly 
common any more in my experience, but it was more common when 
DSL first became available in a lot of areas. Most DSL 
connections are "always on". The software that starts them runs 
when Wndows starts, makes the connection and it stays on until 
you shut down windows or manually tell it to disconnect. There 
isn't normally an inactivity disconnect, although some 
connections "go to sleep" if unused for a period of time. If it 
is disconnected, it doesn't normally start itself again. If you 
disconnect it, and a program tries to access the internet while 
it is off, that may be triggering Windows to try to make a 
dial-up connection, which would make use of your phone line, 
interfering with phone calls and probably would result in you 
getting messages afterward about being disconnected for 
inactivity. People who have switched from dial-up to dsl without 
deleting the dial-up information from Windows can have that 

Katrina Knight
kknight at fastmail.fm 

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