[LMB] OT:AKICOTL - self-starting modem

B. Ross Ashley redlion at sff.net
Mon Sep 10 23:52:18 BST 2007

On Mon, 10 Sep 2007 11:19:18 -0400, Katrina Knight <kknight at fastmail.fm>

 > At 09:58 AM 9/10/2007 PAT MATHEWS wrote:
 > >I have MSN-DSL.

 > >I'll disconnect and do something else and suddenly see that I
 > >am now connected. I'll leave for class and come back to find
 > >the connection I disconnected myself has now been 'disconnected
 > >for inactivity'. I'll disconnect so I can use the landline and
 > >have the interference start up in the middle of the phone call.

 > DSL is designed to allow simultaneous use of the
 > internet connection and the phone line. There shouldn't be
 > any interference on the phone line when connecting.

Absolutely. The telephone line should be "provisioned" by the telco 
which owns the landline, and there should be a filter thingie on the 
telephone wall connection with one side leading to the aDSL modem and 
the other to the 'phone. And particularly if you're running Windows you 
should have a hardware router in between your aDSL modem and your computer.
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