[LMB] OT:AKICOTL - self-starting modem

Burton Chan ferret_vsl2k1 at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 12 18:32:49 BST 2007

The manual for my DSL modem stated it is to be connected directly to the 
telephone jack. "Using a surge protector between the phone jack and the 
modem will cause service interruption" This is a design defect, since a 
surge from lighting strike traveling thru the phone line will wreck the 
modem. They wanted the modem's power cord hooked up to a surge protector but 
not the phone line. Strange.

In case you are wondering, lighting strike do occur. I loss a TV set to a 
lighting strike on the cable line. Wasn't the power line, the surge 
protector didn't activated. This happened before co-axial connection on 
surge protectors became common.

on Mon, Sep 11, 2007 6:54:28 PM, David Bernat <dbernat at gol.com> wrote
>B. Ross Ashley wrote:
>>There are splitters built for an aDSL/analog telephone split, rather than 
>>an analog/analog split. Generally, which port to use for the digital 
>>connection is marked. I wouldn't want to use an ordinary telephone 
>>connection splitter.
>Four different DSL/POTS splitters cause the same failure used in
>conjunction with a new 8Mb DSL modem that has no problem when
>connected directly to the wall jack.

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