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On Wed, 12 Sep 2007, Raye Johnsen wrote:
> I think people who think marriage is going to be
> abandoned are mistaken.

Not by everyone, but:

Married people outnumbered for first time: census
Last Updated: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 | 2:16 PM AT
CBC News

Married people are in the minority in Canada for the first time, according 
to census information released Wednesday by Statistics Canada. [...]
# Common-law families now make up 15.5 per cent of families, while 20 
years ago, they only represented 7.2 per cent.
# Twenty-six per cent of families with children are headed by a single 
parent. [...]

Rosemary Bender, a spokeswoman for Statistics Canada, told CBC News that 
the drop in marriage numbers is partially due to the growing number of 
common-law relationships.

"More and more Canadians are entering into these types of relationships," 
she said.

She said common-law couples are now found across all age groups, with 
people in their early 60s entering into common-law relationships at the 
most rapid rate of all age categories. [...]

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