[LMB] (news & chat) _Passage_ has a pub date

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Fri Sep 14 20:17:16 BST 2007

Wow. Yippee!

That's one advance purchase about to be lined up.


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>Subject: [LMB] (news & chat)  _Passage_ has a pub date
>Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 13:57:13 -0500
>_Passage_ has a pub date...
>I now have official publication dates for the mass market paperback of
>_TSK#2: Legacy_ and the first hardcover release of _TSK#3: Passage_:
>both have the street date of April 22, 2008.
>(Rounded to May 2008 in some listings.)
>8 months, give or take.
>And in other news, the completed and somewhat cleaned-up submission
>draft of _TSK#4: Title To Be Announced Later_ went off to my editor.
>Spring of 2009, for the rest of the world. Whew! Now I'm overdue for a
>*long* break.
>The first-edit run-through was mostly going through the manuscript and
>entering in my file all the little changes I'd marked in the margins
>over the previous months as the thing was slowly growing. The last
>chapters haven't had as much time to "cure", but they might as well be
>doing so sitting on the editor's desk as mine. Once the thing is shifted
>from my desk to hers I'm off the clock, till it comes back on the tide.
>Probably before year's end, but that will depend on what else is in her
>schedule; books with earlier pub dates will naturally take precedence.
>Having used the exciting completion of the book as an excuse to put off
>doing all the life-maintenance stuff I didn't want to do in the first
>place, well, that bulwark is now removed and they're all here at once.
>I'm scratching away at the chores pile, between reading books I didn't
>write and watching DVDs. Romances, anime, and nature programming, so
>far. I'm so not looking for a challenge...
>I do have a big trip coming up at the end of October to Columbus for the
>Ohioana Library bash (more on that later) and on to Saratoga Springs for
>World Fantasy, with a stop in between to see relatives. Since that
>involves flying, I can't address the ear surgery till it's done, which
>is another call-up-and-schedule chore sitting in my queue at present.
>And the 3 writing chores, 2 introductions and another interview I've
>promised. Still ducking them.
>So far this week I've managed to call the tree guys, get the map in
>progress, schedule my flights for WFC, give blood, hit the library, give
>a friend's short story a once-over, do a few house things, and other
>activities now fading into the mental compost. Well, it will all work
>itself out in a little more time.
>Now, back to BBC nature programs from Netflix.  Next up: more Atlas of
>South America
>Ta, L.
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