[LMB] OT: about the ratio of unmarried to married

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 17 14:43:36 BST 2007

> Paula wrote:
> -originally- marriage involved property contracts, and
> property handling and  inheritance was the -reason- for
> marriage.  A contract called a "get" still exists, that
> is the inventory of property and property handling for
> a marriage in Judaism.  It is a  marriage contract.

Two nitpicks: 

1. The marriage contract is the ketuba.  A get is a religious
divorce.  Only the husband can grant it and although no one can
"force" him to give it, he can be coerced to a remarkable degree, up
to and including jail if he's Israeli.  The coercion is allowed
because there's a strong and lamentable historical precedent of
husbands abandoning their wives but refusing to grant a get, which
leaves the wife - and kids, if any - in limbo, unable to get support,
unable to remarry.  Think about Hindo widows in India and you get the
general idea.

2. The ketuba is as much a divorce contract as a marriage one - a lot
of the text addresses post-marriage support, what belongs to whom,
and who's obliged to do what should the marriage dissolve.  IIRC
correctly in Israel a ketuba is legally binding, outside of Israel
it's generally not and one needs a legal pre-nup as well.  But my
Jewish Law class was long ago and I could be misremembering this last

- Harimad

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