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> Can never be off-topic here.  Here's a fun link, courtesy of Claudia Muir:
> http://www.curiousexpeditions.org/2007/09/a_librophiliacs_love_letter_1.html

Ooh, wonderful.

In an ideal world I would get to visit all those libraries.

But to my surprise, I've been in six of them.  The one I've spent the most time in - by far, many
hours per day for many months - was the British Library reading room in the Biritsh Museum , back
when it was possible.  It was warmer and more comfortable and had more books than the libraries at
my colleges.  It was also fun to wander the museum when I had a break.  I really felt as if I'd
died and gone to heaven.

I have also been in the Library of Parliament in Ottawa whenever I go on a tour with visiting
friends.  Often enough. I love the statue of Queen Victoria.  That library has been undergoing
repairs in recent years, so for a while now we've had to just stand outside to hear about it, but
I think it's open again.

I have also been to four others: Yale, the NYC public library, the Library of the Royal College of
Physicians in Edinburgh - I'd forgotten that one till I saw the picture! - and Trinity, Dublin. 

The Public library in Central London is pretty cool, too. Much plainer. Always seemed very Regency
to me.  Full of arches and nooks.

And for modern libraries, the new (newish?) public library in Vancouver is rather amazing.

> Lust and drool at your own risk; bib not included.  [weg]

Can't damange the books when it's just pictures.


who thinks our Ottawa Public Library Main Branch library building is appalling

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