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On Mon, 17 Sep 2007, Countryboy wrote:

> > Being in the states we get our Doctor a year late so our friends over there 
> > already knew this.  The episode titled 'Blink' that was on this week is my 
> > new favorite.  Time travel and scary monsters, it doesn't get any better 
> > than this.
Classic Who, innit? 

>Absolutely. It is brilliant in so many ways -- and genuinely terrifying 
>without being in the slightest gory. I hope it gets nominated for a Hugo 
>next year.

I opine that there is a good chance of this.  We're doing the nominating aren't we?  We who are going to DenVention.  

It's worth noting that BLINK was written by David Moffatt, who previously penned THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE, THE EMPTY CHILD and all six parts of JEKYLL.  'Nuff said.

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