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>> On Thu, 20 Sep 2007, Alexandra Kwan wrote:
>> Hm, my dad's wife (who's a librarian) once told me that
>> all her librarian friends hate the Hong Kong Main Public
>> Library because the architect designed it like a mall --
>> with a lot of empty space in the interior of the building,
>> which she deemed very wasteful...

> Alayne McGregor responds:
> It's the "central atrium" question. The advantage is that
> and it's easier to see the whole buildig from the centre.
> The disadvantage is that it's hard to organize the floor
> because the most direct route is blocked by the hole.
> A number of newer libraries (the new San Francisco library,
> if I remember, is like this) have a multi-story atrium at
> the front entrance instead.

Evanston, IL as well, having also (or as part of, memory fails) a
western wall of windows, next to which is a lot of comfy seating on
each floor.  Really a lovely library.  Too bad the city does such a
bad job for the residents (who just happen to be mostly poor and
black) on the literal other side of the tracks.

- Harimad
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