[LMB] OT: AKICOTL - Ebook reading device

Ed Burkhead edburkhead at insightbb.com
Mon Sep 24 12:42:25 BST 2007

I've been wanting a good pocket size e-book reader forever.

The new Ipod Nano form factor would be just right.  It's small and light
enough to be kept in one's shirt pocket all the time without noticing it's

Maybe even the new Ipod Nanos could even support decent book reading as they
are with appropriate programming.

I'd want smooth automatic scrolling that I could set to match my reading
speed and easily adjust as well as pause.  I don't want to have to press a
button for next page a hundred thousand times to read a book on a small

Even better would be for a much larger screen but keep the device dimensions
of the new Ipod Nano.  But maybe the existing new Ipod Nano might just do.

The dream for the future would include a sensor that'd stop the automatic
scrolling if I looked away.


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