[LMB] book discussion

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Tue Sep 25 17:12:00 BST 2007

We seem to be in the between-books lull, here, which is normal.

That being so, would some several somebodies be interested in leading a 
chapter-by-chapter or other style discussion (there are other approaches 
-- ideas? -- tho' that one has the advantage of putting everyone on the 
same page, so to speak) of some of the more obscure older works, that 
haven't yet been talked to death here?  _The Spirit Ring_ and _Falling 
Free_ spring to mind, and later maybe _Ethan of Athos_.  The number of 
people who have remarked that later re-reads led them to reevaluate the 
books brings this to mind.  That would be an interesting process to watch.

There would need to be several interested parties willing to get out on 
the floor and dance for each book, so as to not have the effect of a 
single poster dropping feathers into a dark well.  A diversity of 
opinion is also invaluable for sparking discussion, as long as those 
whose opinions suffer two falls out of three don't go off with hurt 
feelings.  Because without them, the other posts would never be 
triggered, and all we'd have would be crickets chirping.


Ta, L.

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