[LMB] OT: smart apostrophes in Word

Elizabeth McCoy arcangel at io.com
Wed Sep 26 00:58:59 BST 2007

At 2:13 PM -0700 9/25/07, Meg Justus wrote:
>As in, can anyone help me get rid of them?  I've gone into formatting options and marked everything I can find about smart quotes to not make smart quotes automatically, but I still get these fat vertical teardrop-shaped apostrophes when using New Courier rather than the nice, slanted ' that I'd rather have, and have had before (although I don't know how I had them before...).

Do you mean a ``? On my keyboard, that's below the tilde.

>Is there a special tickbox I should be looking for in order to make apostrophes normal, or is it part of smart quotes, and how do I fix it?

Let me go find the places that Word must be beaten. There are several.


AutoCorrect tab:
In all the Replace/with instances that include an apostrophe, you must go in
and re-type the corrected thing -- without the smartquote. (You have to have 
turned them off elsewhere first.) Otherwise, despite the antismartquoting
elsewhere, it will replace your typo with... a smartquote.

AutoFormat As You Type tab:
Eliminate the "Replace as you type" checkboxes.

AutoFormat tab:
Eliminate the Replace checkbox.

I _think_ those three places will get you all the smartquote kills. If
it's still making the thing, I'd suggest changing it to a different font --
times, old courier, etc. -- and looking to see if it's just a New 
Courier thing.

I do note, slanted ' marks are possibly a hallmark of having smartquotes
_on._ You may want to turn them back on and see what's up first.
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