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William A Wenrich wawenri at msn.com
Wed Sep 26 04:02:13 BST 2007

Irene wrote:

>I'd be up for a discussion of The Spirit Ring. 

>The first time I read it I walked away with a feeling of "hmm, I don't
think fantasy is >her strong point".
>Six years later I picked it up again, and decided it was better than I
remembered, and >on each subsequent re-read (3 so far), it's raised itself a
little higher. The re-reads >were after I'd read the 5GU books, and I see
something of both Ista and Iselle in >Fiametta. I like the chapter by
chapter approach, although I personally would also >compare-and-contrast
with the Chalion books. Chapters are always tricky -- finding the >balance
between leaving enough time for people to write cogent posts, yet not going
so >slow that we bog down and lose focus. 

I had the same feelings about SR when I first read it. As well as when I
came back to it. (Also FF) I think the reason was that I disliked
Prospero(?) and Bruce Van Atta (?) from the beginning. (Or perhaps not, I
certainly disliked Tien.)

With FF, it may be that I have about the same feelings about slavery as Col.

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