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Wed Sep 26 22:48:19 BST 2007

--- J M <jmann at pobox.mondenet.com> wrote:

> Delurking to point out that Krentz also wrote as Stephanie
> James for 
> Silhouette Romances before they were bought by TorStar.
> She and Nora Roberts (and all her aliases) are both graduates
> of the what I 
> and my friends used to call Harlequin University.

Roberts only has one alias that I know of, JD Robb. And if you
want to read good (relatively) SF-nal world building in a
not-really-SF romance book, I highly recommend Naked in Death.
It takes place approximately 50 years in the future, and as an
exercise I spent a few days analyzing the world-building in it,
and came up with about 35 pages of notes, most of it very subtle

besides, the In Death books are great fun.


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