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Thu Sep 27 05:08:44 BST 2007

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> Ouch! I can't help reading that initialism as the
> name of the company that first published Dungeons &
> Dragons. They haven't been around for a decade or so
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TSR,_Inc.), but I
> brought my kids up with D&D and the name sticks in
> my mind.
> You make your Dex check, but just barely. You
> succeed in the jump down into the Dratsab's Tower;
> you wobble on the landing, but you don't fall off
> the platform.

Unfortunately, you failed your Stealth roll!  Three
priests heard you and came running.  You roll for
Charisma and fortunately got 18, so when you say "I
come in peace!", they listened to you and took you to
the High Priest at your request.  You only got a 12 on
your Luck roll, so he can't help you, but he knows who
can: Saint Ista, who's dealing with demons on the
northern border and isn't here.  You have a new quest.
 So it's off to see the Roya and Royesse -- better
roll your stats again....


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