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Tora K. Smulders-Srinivasan tora.smulders at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 09:13:52 BST 2007

On 9/26/07, Becca Price <becca_price at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Roberts only has one alias that I know of, JD Robb. And if you
> want to read good (relatively) SF-nal world building in a
> not-really-SF romance book, I highly recommend Naked in Death.
> It takes place approximately 50 years in the future, and as an
> exercise I spent a few days analyzing the world-building in it,
> and came up with about 35 pages of notes, most of it very subtle
> things.
> besides, the In Death books are great fun.

I love the in Death books -- and hooked my husband on them (he's
mostly a science fiction/fantasy reader -- well, before I got to him),
so we've pretty much bought them all except the new one that's in
hardcover.  She really churns them out -- 2 a year for many years now
-- so we've got over 20, maybe 30?

Anyway, I love them and really enjoy reading them.  The plots have a
bit of repetitiveness -- but that's expected for any kind of series
with that many books in it!  But I read for the main characters and
the minor characters -- their development over the books is just
awesome.  And Nora Roberts has a sense of intelligent humor, which I
love.  Among the just over 1000 books I own, she's the author who I've
got the most of -- writing as JD Robb and NR (and even NR alone!).

But what I really wanted to say, was: Becca, do you have those notes
on the world-building of the in Death books on a computer somewhere?
Because, I'm horrible horrible at noticing world-building, but I
really think she's done a decent job of it.  And I'd love a take on it
from someone who pays more attention to it!!!  So, if you do have it
somewhere that you could email it to me and you don't mind doing it,
I'd be really thrilled to take a look at the 35 pages of it!

Tora, whose husband is just reading the first two Sharing Knife books
for the first time, and absolutely loving them!  :-)

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