[LMB] Foreign language copies - where to purchase in U.S.

Elvi Dalgaard elvi at vl.videotron.ca
Thu Sep 27 14:48:53 BST 2007

Not sure about the States, but you can certainly order it from a 
Canadian store. I checked Chapters in Canada, and unfortunately they 
seem to be out of stock on all titles, though I'll include the titles 
here for your entertainment: "UN CLONE ENCOMBRANT", "LES FRONTIERES DE 
"GUERISSEUSES D'ATHOS" (caps are theirs, not mine).

Meanwhile, over at Amazon.ca, they have Barrayar and *L'apprentissage du 

Farther afield, amazon.fr has a bunch, though figuring out which is 
which might be challenging. I think the one called simply "Miles 
Vorkosigan" is actually Warrior's Apprentice, based on the blurb. Then 
they have, rather bizarrely titled, "Cordelia Vorkosigan". Kind of gives 
away the love story, you know?


*Ed Burkhead wrote:
> This is the crowd to ask, I think . . .
> A few decades ago, after I'd taken a year of French in high school, I got to
> France for a college summer vacation.
> In a bookstore, I found a copy of Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" in
> French.  I'd nearly memorized the thing in English so I bought the French
> copy and read through it.  I knew the book so well that, if I didn't know a
> word or phrase in French, I could almost always figure it out.
> By the time I was finished, I could pretty much read simple French.
> Now-a-days, the book(s) I've nearly memorized are Lois' Vorkosigan books.
> I'd like to try to refresh my French by reading one of Lois' books in
> French.  Can anyone make a suggestion on where I, here in the U.S., can find
> a French copy of one (or more) of Lois' books?
> Ed Burkhead

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