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alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca
Thu Sep 27 18:13:30 BST 2007

>From papersky's LiveJournal:

'Saying "they have it in, go for it" reminds me of the time I was 
unpacking and shelving a box of US books in Interstellar Master Traders 
and found a copy of Bujold's Barrayar, which I knew my friend Nick wanted. 
(This was the Baen edition. The British edition wasn't due out for at 
least another year. This was a long time ago. This was so long ago it was 
before I was online.) I rang Nick in work, and he said he'd be right 
there, and in the time it takes someone to run full tilt the half mile 
from where he worked to the shop, there he was, totally out of breath and 
literally panting for it. That's when I decided I needed to read the Miles 
books, whatever the covers looked like. What a good decision that was!'


Alayne McGregor
alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca

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