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Marilyn Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 29 00:38:29 BST 2007

Rowena wrote:
> Something funny I've noticed my brain do. When I sink into depression I 
> am not just making way more errors in my language, I particualry mix up 
> homonyms, writing 'right' instead of 'write', 'no' instead of 'know' 
> etc. And that while I have no problem knowing wich is the right one. I 
> wonder if this says something about how language is organized in my 
> brain and what depression does to it. It is more prominent in my use of 
> English (my second language) than in my Dutch, but it might be that 
> English is particulary homonym-rich.
> Rowena

 I have a touch of depression, and a healthy dollop of dyslexia ... and 
a hefty dose of aphasia. I can normally function, but if you add either 
fatigue, migraine or a combination my language skills go to hell in a 
handbasket.  Oddly enough, being multilingual the way I learn [i cant 
'map' language, it never superimposes so I can't translate. I either 
speak in that language or in english, I can't seem to shift between 
easily] helps the aphasia. If I can not come up with the word in english 
I can come up with it in some other language I can speak. Makes for odd 
conversations, but the sherpa is also multilingal in the same smattering 
of languages [including oddly enough zarathustran fuzzy pidgin] so he 
can understand me. Makes it a bit odd with my work friends if we all go 
out to dinner after work because I am often very tired, ffrazzled from 
work or migrainey enough for the aphasia to hit and Rob is one of the 
few people who can track the whole conversation.

Does frustrate doctors though. They can't seem to wrap their tiny 
straitjacked minds around someone who is very intelligent, multilingual, 
reads 2500 WPM and is aphasic/dyslexic.  I figure I am prime alzheimers 

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