[LMB] OT: home decor rant

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 29 16:28:24 BST 2007

OK, I'm listening to NPR and personal finance show has a segment on 'staging' or doing a temporary stage set sort of decorating job to make a house look better,  when it's for sale. Using the host's house as an example, the decorator got all his paperbacks out of the way, and brought in some coffee table art books. Paperbacks are just too messy and untidy looking.  I could just SPIT. Sure they'd be messy if they're scattered all over the place to trip over, but what's wrong with a stack of current reading on the end table? And the rest in bookcases, the way I keep mine.
Now there's  a possible eeeevil fantasy. Imagine winning the lottery or some such and going house hunting for a house big enough for a room to set up as a library. Then just making some realtor's life miserable moaning about the lack of shelf space in today's home and so on.
I think that's the one thing I miss when looking at pictures like the ones in the recent library p*rn thread.  They're the libraries with all hardbacks. And most of the books are older than I am.
I'll just have to imagine my perfect library with room for my paperbacks, along with the hardcovers. All of which I've read, not bought-by-the-yard to fill the shelves.
I did boggle a realtor last week. My new house project has fallen through. The bids on the double Dad did for my stepbrother and I totalled higher that we could manage financing for, so we've been looking at fixer-uppers. I told Kate I've got enough books to need 200+ feet of shelves. Mike's just about as bad.
We did find a double that we can cope with. The kitchens and laundry areas need work, the bathrooms are pretty much ok.
There's no garage or A/C. If the cost of installing A/C is out of my reach, I want an attic fan. As long as it cools down at night, I can live with one of those. There is a small fireplace in the living room. 
Well, we'll see how the inspection goes.

So Many Books, So Little Time.

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