[LMB] OT: home decor rant

Louann Miller louann at millerdome.com
Sat Sep 29 19:56:22 BST 2007

Kevin Kennedy wrote:
> OK, I'm listening to NPR and personal finance show has a segment on 'staging' or doing a temporary stage set sort of decorating job to make a house look better,  when it's for sale. Using the host's house as an example, the decorator got all his paperbacks out of the way, and brought in some coffee table art books. Paperbacks are just too messy and untidy looking.  I could just SPIT. Sure they'd be messy if they're scattered all over the place to trip over, but what's wrong with a stack of current reading on the end table? And the rest in bookcases, the way I keep mine.
Fix-up-your-house shows are a guilty pleasure of mine. The good ones 
emphasize the difference between 'staging to sell' and the way you 
actually live in your house. It's sort of parallel to the difference 
between a book cover that sells the book and a book cover that 
accurately illustrates the text.

It's not just books they're down on. They also tell people to pack up 
family photos and any other personal "mark your territory" items. Also 
the television. The ideal they're shooting for appears to be Midrange 
Hotel Room -- bland enough not to upset anyone at all, but with touches 
of comfort. They also want you to end up with about 80% of normal 
furniture density in most rooms, so the buyer subconsciously thinks the 
place is bigger than it really is.

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