[LMB] OT: home decor rant

Tzivia Adler tadler at yeshivanet.com
Sun Sep 30 03:33:55 BST 2007

> Kevin:
> Now there's  a possible eeeevil fantasy. Imagine winning the lottery or 
> some
> such and going house hunting for a house big enough for a room to set up 
> as
> a library. Then just making some realtor's life miserable moaning about 
> the
> lack of shelf space in today's home and so on.
> You don't have to win the lottery.  I officially (she told me so, although
> it was in a friendly manner) drove my realtor nuts about bookcase space 
> when
> I was shopping for my condo.
> There was this one house I still think about and sigh -- beautiful 
> built-in
> bookcases lining the living room and one of the bedrooms.  Too bad it was 
> so
> close to the railroad tracks that the light fixtures rattled every time a
> train went by...
> Megaera
> whose father always built bookcases first thing after a move
and now i am remminded of a david eddings[1] book set in college, wehre one 
of the roomies built bookshelves into all the rooms.
and the bookshelves were the only characters not recycled from previous 


[1] i first picked up david eddings books in teh library resale shelf... the 
whole belgariad set for about two dollars.  really, it was worth every 
penny!  i think i re-read it every time i had the flu and couln't think 
straight :) 

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