[LMB] OT: robb was (chat) Krentz/Quick/Castle

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I have utterly forgotten the name of it except that it's in one of those 
mystery/romance collections.


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> > Second the suggestion to read the "..in Death" series. I've read them 
> > and love them all and her worldbuilding has only failed once. Not in a
> > novel, but in a shorter work set on one of Roarke's offworld resorts,
> > which
> > could have just as easily been an Earthside conference center. Roarke 
> > Eve didn't even head for the zero-gee lounge to try out some docking
> > maneuvers. I'll bet she heard plenty from the sf side of her fandom 
> > that because you know full well it's the first thing Roarke would have
> > done.
> >
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> >
> >
>what short was that?
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