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> How  many people believed Fawn when she said she was 20? Why?
> I  sure did. I've supervised enough 18 through 24 year olds that I  thought
> that 20 was about right based on her work ethic and  self-assurance.
> Victoria

I've taught a slightly younger age group--biology, students  ranging in age 
from 15 to 19, which contained a series of lessons on  AIDS and s*x education.  
Some of the ideas a few of them had were  bizarre--the "You can't get 
pregnant the first time" myth was alive and well,  and things like plastic kitchen 
wrap being useful as a c*nd*m.  Also that  the girl "jumping up and down after 
s*x" would keep pregnancy from  occurring. And these were farm kids from a 
rural area.  I wasn't  surprised--I came from a rural area myself, although not a 
farm, and had  probably been one of the most naive in the sense that I knew 
the facts of life,  but not anything about the actual interaction and social 
part of male-female  relationships.  
I would have guessed Fawn at between 16 and 18 years old.  Her  knowledge 
seemed about right for a 16 year old who was somewhat isolated from  female 
friends her age, but her work ethic seemed more like a farm girl of  18 who was 
accustomed to helping out around the house like an adult.

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