[LMB] (OT) AKICOTL: attic insulation

micki yamada montfeld at af.wakwak.com
Tue Apr 15 22:46:11 BST 2008

This is a bit whimsical, but I hope it's interesting: a friend of mine 
bought duvets in China made out of the -- what? tail ends of silk cocoons? 
Anyway, it was the waste product of the silk thread  industry. She swears by 
them -- says one duvet was all they needed this winter, when before they 
were piling up four or five of those soft, fluffy blankets (I've never seen 
these in the States, but they are very popular in Japan -- kind of like the 
Living Furs, except they are definitely artificial in origin).

(-: OK, totally off-topic, as I'm pretty sure there are no silk worm 
industries in Minneapolis. But wouldn't it be cool to have your walls filled 
with silk-worm cocoons? 

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