[LMB] The worth of Ebook readers

Michael R N Dolbear little.egret at mrdolbear.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Apr 30 09:58:04 BST 2008

> From: Francis Turner <francis.turner at gmail.com>
> Date: 26 April 2008 07:50

> really is barely different to a newspaper. I can't imagine I going buy
> many more paperbacks from now on. Especially since it seems like many
> UK publisher are getting on the ebook thang.


Any details of UK publishers offering e-books ?

A Google found only a couple, and very meagre offerings too, eg that of
Little Brown.

On the UK/GB topic :- 
quote ==

Each week, here on Editor's Corner {of bookdepository.co.uk}, I quickly run
through the latest issue of the Bookseller magazine and pick out the bits
and pieces of book industry news that catch my eye.

This quick round-up of book stuff is culled from the pages of last Friday's
25th April issue:

e-books continue to shake things up: UK publishers are "up in arms over
HarperCollins US' insistence on retaining global digital rights for titles
it sells to the UK", Simon & Schuster US are also still refusing to sell
e-book rights to the UK ... the wider question that lurks behind all this
is, of course, do "territorial rights" any longer make any sense in the
internet age?

Publishers Association c.e.o. Simon Juden "has called on the industry to
resolve the problem of differing e-book formats, as the UK readies itself
for the imminent launch of two e-book readers"

Anyone know more about either topic ?

Little Egret

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