[LMB] Some notes from the Guest of Honor speech, no spoilers

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 10 04:48:55 BST 2008


> LobSang would like me to make the comment for him that he has several 
> good chicken recipes ... and if you need to know anything about 
> chickens, we *have* chickens .... most of them are feathery blobs but we 
> have the cutest little bantam rooster with the mental self image he is 
> actually the size of the geese .... if we hadn't named him Chewie 
> [nickname for Jesus] we would have named him Miles ...
> -- 

Snicker. Earlier today I was thinking about the old Saturday cartoon show and humming '.....call for super chicken!'
What is it with chickens today.

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