[LMB] Here we go a-tixie-ing...

B. Ross Ashley redlion at sff.net
Mon Aug 11 23:52:19 BST 2008

On Sun, 10 Aug 2008 21:08:28 -0700, "Jean Lamb" <tlambs1138 at charter.net>
> "Hail to thee, B. Ross Ashley! The 11th of August is your wonderful
> and glorious birthday. May you have a really good day, have
> everyone waiting on _you_ for a nice change, and have every whim
> catered to. It has been, er, quite some time since you were born,

62 years, and I'm quite proud of that.

> and still your strong, vital presence enlivens this list. Have a
> truly special Pity Party (just because Denvention should be over by
> now doesn't mean you have to stop _your_ bash!), and may you have
> lots of presents and books and people and food and drink."

> Faithful Companion purrs softly in B. Ross Ashley's direction and
> sheds a few hairs in sympathy. (she didn't get to go either).

Gots enuf cathairs thankyou ... heh. Cute kitty.


It has been, so far, thanks!

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