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Thu Aug 14 00:44:18 BST 2008

Quoting Francis Turner <francis.turner at gmail.com>:

> The only McCrumb I've ever read was Bimbos of the Death Sun. I
> recommend it to anyone planning to go to an SF con but I'm told that
> Ms McCrumb would like to renounce all knowledge of the work...
I've read both _Bimbos_ and its sequel; I can't honestly say that the  
types she depicted are not commonly found at cons, but I found the  
general tone snide and insulting.  The vibe I got was "oh, look at the  
social misfits who have no lives and (if male, at least) can't get  

In contrast, Mary Monica Pulver's _Murder at the War/_Knightfall_ was,  
IMNSHO, a better book---she's a SCA member herself, and showed what  
the SCA is all about in a way that acknowledges just how odd we can  
appear to mundanes, without holding the whole thing up to scorn.

Kind of like the "n-word"---blacks can and, I am told, do use it  
freely among themselves, but for a non-black, particularly a white, to  
use it is Very Bad Juju.

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