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> >> 
> >> What if the Vorkosigan Saga were actually
> >> third-personalised versions of Miles'
> autobiography? 
> >
> >Actually, one of the ideas I've been kicking around
> is a biography of Miles by a historian who doesn't
> have access to the classified records and is going
> crazy trying to figure out exactly who Naismith is.
> I have no idea why the Little Admiral's true
> identity wasn't discovered within a few minutes. 

I'm not surprised, because 
a) at first, Admiral Naismith didn't appear anywhere
in person;
b) Admiral =/= known-to-be eighteen year old
c) he deliberately portrayed Naismith as Betan and
Vorkosigan as Barrayaran, and you don't immediately
think the guy wandering around with a strong Bostonian
accent actually comes from London (true story, that,
as more than a few Hugh Laurie fans will cheerfully
tell you when they recount how they smacked the newbie
House fans in the head with Blackadder during the
first few seasons).
d) in his initial group, he kept a discreet distance
from the only person who would know more than the fact
that the Butcher of Komarr had a son, if that, until
he'd done enough as 'Admiral Naismith' that the
thought that the Betan 'Admiral Naismith' might be the
same person as the Barrayaran
Miles Vorkosigan' 

So, yeah.  And the whole Mark and Miles playing
Vorkosigan and Naismith in London in front of the
assembled galactic spies thing probably didn't help
clear up any confusion, either.


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