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Yeah. She makes a point of that, too. THough when you have an uneven power structure the trap takes very different forms. Lois' Provincara put it very well, seconded by Caz - the Lord has the duty to protect; the Lady has the privilege of being protected. And, as Caz put it, some prisons are lined with featherbeds. (I say that Caz treating Iselle like a cadet helped make her the strong royina she became. Ask Ista about featherbeds.)


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> >> I am, or was, a Darkover fan. And a Valdemar fan.
> >> And those are Not Respectable among the Serious Fen.
> >> Why? Well, take Valdemar. "Eew! It's so EMO! All
> >> that teenaged angst! All that Boy-meets-horse and
> >> Girl-meets horse stuff. It's for Children!"
> >
> > There are problems with Darkover that I find make it
> > hard to read:
> > - the sex roles are too firmly delineated for it to be
> > comfortable for a person who reacts badly to 'you
> > can't do that because you're a girl'.  For a feminist
> > writer, at least in this age, MZB wrote a LOT of
> > heroines bashing their heads against the walls of
> > sexism, and very few fishing out their grappling hooks
> > and going for a wall-climb.
> There were a few.  My sister was big into the Darkover stories, but  
> for the most part I couldn't grok them.  Except for the Renunciate  
> stories.  Those were very good.  Of course they paid a price, but then  
> anyone who steps outside of traditional roles in a tradition heavy  
> culture will.  The men were as trapped in their roles as the women.
> .....Alan.
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