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What sort of car was your mother driving? I noticed that when the little Japanese cars came onto the American market, American women's driving ability increased to the point where "woman driver" jokes were met with puzzled looks rather than knowing laughter. Why?

American cars were heavy, made for people who averaged between 5'7" and 6'-something, and power steering was unknown for some time. When it came it, it was considered a luxury. Japanese cars were lighter, made for people who averaged around 5'4" give or take some, and a lot of them had power steering.

Pat, whose mother was just as bad a driver, but hey, when did she ever get the chance! Upon widowhood and the purchase of a little Mazda, she got up ti speed with the best of us.


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> >> The women wanted it to. They'd worked hard for 20 years and the domestic
> >> life was seen as a respite from this. The crankiness came when the
> >> limitations of that were discovered. In no particular order, they are -
> >> <snippety snip>
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> >> that was very interesting.  thanks for taking the time to <a> think it
> > through and <b> post it.
> >
> > especially interesting - in this age of mommy complaining about being hte
> > chauffer for 2.5 children, its hard to remember the isolation of mommy
> > having no car.  and the nearest neighbor is... how far away?
> >
>  	My mother had access to a car.
>  	In context, those seven words are very unsettling. Granted, my 
> father totalled more vehicles but he spent a lot more time behind the 
> wheel and he lacked the aura of terror my mother had when she drove plus 
> even at his worst, he never accidentally drove down the left side of a 
> divided four lane road.
>  	I think Canada's Worst Driver had a woman like my mother, someone 
> who hated driving but who was forced by circumstances [an east coast word 
> for husband, I guess] to drive. She won that year and as a reward had her 
> license snipped up, forever freeing her from something that absolutely 
> terrified her.
>  	I don't drive myself, due to one eye = no depth perception + slow 
> reflexes = I managed to run someone over with a tractor, although only in 
> a humourous way.
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