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At 08:58 AM 8/28/2008, Michael R N Dolbear wrote:

>> From: Peter Granzeau <pgranzeau at cox.net>
>> Date: 27 August 2008 20:02
>> At 05:58 PM 8/26/2008, Michael R N Dolbear wrote:
>>>The higher class Brit supermarkers have them, Sainsbury's yielded a box
>>>6 pale blue eggs reduced for quick sale from 1.95 to 0.90 GBP.
>>>Old Cotswold Legbar ® Free range eggs with pastel coloured shells 
>>> from Clarence Court, Tremar, Cornwall
>>>  www.clarencecourt.co.uk 
>Living in the UK, posting on a UK-based board, and you don't have a £
>character available?
>I do have of course
>6 pale blue eggs reduced for quick sale from £1.95 to £0.90.
> but I have also seen the resulting mess my posts and those of others
>sometimes generate when quoted.
>Since some will have difficulty and so reduce my readership I don't use
>it in an international context.
>In the same spirit I ask that OZ and Kiwi posters use AUD and NZD since
>it may be totally unclear when discussing book prices which dollar is
>Same when 'here' posts don't mention city or state.
>As to "Here".
>The wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roundabout#.22Magic.22_roundabouts
>is really amusing since the default assumption switches from right hand
>driving to left hand from paragraph to paragraph and one helpful diagram
>is reproduced as a mirror image of the actual (British) road layout to
>assist the leftpondian readers.
>Perhaps the entire article should come in mirrored versions ?

Roundabouts ("traffic circles, as they are known in the US) aren't very good at handling a traffic flow of any size.  My experience is that it is nearly impossible to get onto one if one must yield to traffic in the circle, and if there is more than one lane of traffic in the circle, one must weave back and forth, crossing lanes, constantly.

I have seen movies of the complete mess at the Place de l'Etoile in Paris.  I guess the French just figure that if someone hits them, someone hits them, and barge right in.  No traffic lanes, either, one apparently just barges in, cuts off as many others as one can and barges back out.

Traffic signals are better (often, one road is designated the through road, and the cross road has an on-demand green light).  In my city, this is common; everyone has a right turn on red privilege, and the through road has a left turn when no oncoming traffic privilege, as well (although there is a leading green arrow for left turns, as well, useful in heavy traffic).

The major sw-ne thoroughfare here was originally built with three major traffic circles.  One was replaced with an overpass, and the other two eventually were changed, first by having the major artery cut through the center of the circles (and installing traffic signals), and finally by doing away with the circles altogether.  The only vestige is the angle at which buildings formerly on the circle now appear to have, and at the rate things are razed and rebuilt around here, that won't last long.

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