[LMB] OT: looking for movie suggestions

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Fri Aug 29 16:13:04 BST 2008

Ah yes - I second that recommendation of Midsummer Night's Dream - it was
very good.  I hadn't expected to like it as I've been deeply prejudiced
against American actors attempting Shakespeare ever since being traumatized
as a child by having to watch a version of Julius Caesar with Charlton
Heston playing Mark Anthony.  It was bizarre.  He took his clothes off at
every opportunity (often at the most inappropriate times) in order to
display his (apparently oiled and gleaming) pectorals.  I had to study the
darn thing for 'O'-levels and hence had to Take it Seriously and watch
without heckling.  I loved the play, and can still quote whole chunks of it,
but the film sucked and Heston was execrable in the role.

On the other hand, Kevin Kline was an excellent Bottom, and went a long way
towards curing me of my phobia.


> Athagan wrote 
> Quoting Carol Cooper <carolcooper at shaw.ca>:
> > Shakespeare in Love?  The dialog and plot are multi-levelled.  You
> can
> > enjoy it even if you know no Shakespeare, but the more you know, the
> more of
> > the humour and references you get.  Very witty and intelligent script.
> Yes, that was a good one.  We enjoyed it a lot.
> And the version of Midsummer's Night Dream with Kevin Kline.  It was
> also well done.
> .....Alan.

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