[LMB] Belated thanks for birthday greetings

Rachel Ganz rachel at compromise.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Dec 10 11:33:20 GMT 2008

I've not been keeping up with the list due to the cruel hard world getting between me and my procrastinations.

But many many thanks for my birthday greetings.

I spent the day itself torn from my bed to go on a surprise trip to Londond, which included no less than four fabulous exhibitions.

>From the top:

The Turner prize submissions at Tate Britain (the comment wall was particularly rewarding)
The Francis Bacon at Tate Britan: wonderful, exhiliarating, disgusting, disturbing
400 years of drawing at Tate Britain: some people are just weird - and what is so great about David Shrigley?

A crepsucular trip on the Tate to Tate boat - highly recommended as one of life's minor luxuries

The Mark Rothko at Tate Modern

which prompted the  response from my charming companion that he was a bit poor with the roller and didn't cut his edges in properly.
After seeing the black on black paintings, said companion commented, well, at least the other ones have colour....

The more astute of you will have guessed that one of my birthday presents was Tate membership....

[ObBujold] Presumably Alys does exhibitions. I wonder what the Betan art market is like....

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