[LMB] Jackson's Whole in other languages

Derry Thompson derry at gloderworks.com
Mon Dec 15 14:11:57 GMT 2008

Elizabeth Holden at azurite at rogers.com said on Mon, 15 Dec 2008 05:42:12 -0800

>I took it totally the other way around - that it was like New New New
>New (etc.) New York in "Doctor Who", delibeately but obscurely named
>after some fondly-remembered place on Earth, perhaps the home of the
>original colonists.  And changed from Hole to Whole as a joke, a
>mistake, for a political reason, or as some obscure in-joke.

I thought it might have been called "Jackson's Wholesale" to start with,
and this got shortened to "Jackson's Whole" as a jokey reference to
"Jackson's Hole". 


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