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I have  always pictured Ivan as the slightly well-heeled frat boy
who never  truly realized that life did NOT consist of what other
"Men" thought  of him. Men in quotes, because of his frat colored
glasses that tell  him every male that he relates to must think
exactly like  himself.

Am I wrong in this?

Well, he seems to care about Aral's, Miles' and Gregor's opinions.   And he 
doesn't act like he thinks that they're exactly like  himself.  The type of 
frat boy that you refer to would care about  Gregor's, possibly even Aral's, but 
would hardly care about Miles'  opinions.  He also probably wouldn't even want 
to be seen with  Miles if his concern was only with other frat boy types.  
Ivan has  plenty of faults, but I don't think that's one of them.

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