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> Friends, does anyone else think that the pencil drawing should have text
> at
> the bottom in Cyrillic to the effect of, "Arise, workers, farmers, and
> miners, and unendingly crush the kulaks to further the socialist
> revolutionary victory!" ?
> Best regards,
> George Vaughan
> Um, no, actually. My first response to the draft cover was "Wagons, HO!"

Slap a stetson on Dag and exchange the walking staff for a rifle, then give
Whit [1] a bullwhip plus a cowboy hat and you've got a western cover.  The
only other thing lacking is a wagon train or a herd of cattle in the far

I like the draft cover better -- for the principles and the feeling of
individuality and sense of pending adventure. Dag and Fawn look more like I
imagine -- especially the size differential. She really looks like she could
be mistaken for a child at first glance. In the final cover, Fawn looks more
like an adult. I note the final cover also has her marriage cord prominently
displayed. For the secondary characters, the final version is better.
Whit looks like a swaggering braggart in the sketch. In the final version,
he looks more like a young man dealing with uncertainties.

I also have to disagree with paal. While Fawn is holding Dag, it looks to me
like she's supporting him, rather than clutching out of fear. Her head is
raised and looking off side. He looks like he's in pain. In short, they're a
couple. In the sketch, they looked friendly associates. Plus she needed a
colt .45 strapped to her waist. )


[1] (I assume the male in the background is Whit)

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