[LMB] TSK: Passage cover Art

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Tue Jan 15 19:28:38 GMT 2008

--- Ed Burkhead <edburkhead at insightbb.com> wrote:

> I'd prefer the Fawn in the pencil version.  The painted version of her is
> too mature.

The pencil version is, in fact, eerily close to the way I mentally picture Fawn. That doesn't
often happen.

Neither version of Dag is as I picture him - he looks too young, too conventionally handsome - my
mental picture is of a man more spare and craggy.

> The art is beautifully done but there's nothing about the art that makes me
> want to read the book.

Hmm. Well, it implies American midwest, and that would generally disincline me to pick up a book,
but you never know. It's the Bujold name that would do it.

> Still, is there anyway to get this author to do the future paintings for the
> Vorkosigan foreign books?  

LOL. Try recruiting random chimpanzees.  

> This is fantastically better art than any of the
> foreign art I've seen on any of her translated books - those are hideous,
> mostly.

Yes. Mostly.


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