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Kalina Varbanova <kikibug13 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I liked Random Shoes, or at least the second half of it. The first half was
> almost boring, but the end made up.
"Different Shoes" was a fun episode, but my favourite from Series One has to be
"Out of Time".  For me it so perfectly encapsuled what it would really be like
if you were suddenly dumped 50 years into the future, you would go to peices
because everything you know, everything you do and everything you are is now so
obsolete as to be usesless. It is interested to note the only character who does
note that the only character who did not fall to pieces was the young girl
because her life had not really started, she was a blank canvss.  Her life in
the 1950's was on such a limited trajectory, of marriage, children and
home-making, that anything different was possible.

---Start Series Two Spoiler Space---

---End Series Two Spoiler Space---

"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", the first episode of Series Two is a very enjoyable
romp.  Jack is back in more ways than one, the brooding Angel style Jack of
Series One is gone, replaced by the flirtatious Jack from "Doctor Who".  

If you loved James Marsters in either "Buffy" or "Angel", you will enjoy him in
this as he plays Captain John Hart, a rogue Time Agent who is a very similar

The team has knitted together and is more likeable. Even Owen "Ratboy" Harper is

ObBujold:  Gareth David-Lloyd who plays Ianto Jones would be excelent if cast as
Emperor Gregor.

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