[LMB] TSK: Passage Cover Art (was: Sentence 8 guess wins)

Thomas Vinson t.vinson at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 19 02:49:53 GMT 2008

> The process is, of course, circular.  And subject to Darwinian market
> forces not-dissimilar to those governing sexual selection, I suspect.
> Thus gold foil, cut-out and dual covers, etc., the equivalent of the
> peacock's tail.  Coming up: books with antlers...   ***

Then they start butting spines on the bookstore shelves.  This is
probably how the Discworld's Library got started.

In some genres the books might sell better if they were chained
down, but I imagine that's too suggestive for Tulsa.

I don't care much for the cut-out covers.  They rarely survive the
first road trip intact.

Maybe the next evolutionary stage will be a plain white cover
with author and title (in 8-point sans serif) on the front.  Sort
of like the Beatles' White Album.

The hands down WORST book cover I ever saw was on my
first copy (third-hand) of Dorothy Sayers's Busman's Honeymoon.
Lord Peter's maxim in this book is, "If you know how, you know
who."  The book was a US paperback published in 1946*, and
the cover showed the actual setup for the murder.


[*] and has gone the way of all cheap paperbacks

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